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New Projects

The Blue Max Airmen

Lance Bronnenkant is writing our exciting series on The Blue Max Airmen about men who were awarded the Pour le Mérite. Men are being covered in the chronoglogical order in which they were awarded the Pour le Mérite so the complete story can be told in context. The biography of each PLM winner is being told in terms of the man, his aircraft, and his service. We are including as many color profiles as practical by Jim Miller, who created the outstanding profiles for our book on the Belgian Air Service. Jim is a noted author in his own right and brings a passion for the subject to his excellent work. Not only will all 81 airmen awarded the Blue Max be included in this series, our intention is to complete the series by then covering all 27 airmen who were nominated for the Blue Max but did not receive it. Lance plans to write two volumes of this series annually.

German Aircraft

We are working on this massive project in sections and publishing the results in our print-on-demand series of soft-bounds. These books feature numerous photos and color profiles plus scale drawings of interesting types. By publishing the material in this way, we can publish many more photos and color profiles than would be practical in a hard-bound set. The total series will go to 30 books or more. When those are all published we will evaluate the practicality of publishing a single-volume, hard-bound condensation of the material. Necessarily, due to space constraints such a volume would feature only a few photos of each type without color profiles or scale drawings.

Readers have inquired whether or not we plan similar works on any Allied or Austro-Hungarian types. In 2016 we will publish our first title on an Allied type, Colin Ower's opus on the Felixstowe flying boats. After completing the series on German aircraft we will look at covering the Austro-Hungarian aircraft, but documenting all WW1 German warplanes is our first priority.

Jasta Books

From the time he was a teenager, Bavarian businessman and hsitorian Bruno Schmäling has been researching German fighter pilots. Bruno had the pleasure of interviewing more than 80 of these airmen in person and has created a wonderful archive of photos and information on the Jastas. Now he is ready to share that information in a series of well-illustrated books on the subject. His first book on Jasta 30 was printed in June 2014 and he already written his next book on Jasta 23b that we intend to publish in 2016. Look for unpublished photos, lots of new color profiles, and original cover paintings for this wonderful series.

Other Books

In addition to the various series noted above, we are also working on some stand-alone book projects. For example, we have recruited a noted author to write about WW1 Italian warplanes, a project we hope to publish about 2018. There are other book projects in process and we will announce them when we have something definite to report.

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